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Travel Italy, Highlights of Italian Art and Architecture

Posted on April 2, 2022 by Keith Simmons
Each year millions of visitors trek through Italy in search of ancient culture, good food, art, architecture, and much more.The allure is instant even to people who have never been.There's more art and architecture to see in Italy than 1 individual could possibly experience in a lifetime.Rome, Florence, and Venice alone give an unending variety of design excursions.Highlighted here are some of the must see layouts of the ancient and modern Italy...

Mighty Kilimanjaro

Posted on March 21, 2022 by Keith Simmons
Snow-capped Kilimanjaro, floating above the clouds is no doubt one of the most beautiful and impressive sights of the natural world.Even hard-boiled non-believers, in their unguarded moments, empathise with the Maasai who call it the "House of God".The mountain is one of the Seven Best Summits of the world -- it's the maximum point on the African continent.Even though there are higher mountains, they form a part of mountain ranges, Everest for instance...

Seychelles, Among Top Beach Destinations

Posted on February 12, 2022 by Keith Simmons
Virtually every description of the Seychelles appears to be a bit over the top.Is it only the easily impressed who get to go to and write about the Seychelles? The magic of these islands is nevertheless real.Impressions gained of the dream island paradise will be your refuge when you return to those long working hours.Exactly like everybody imagines heaven, the Seychelles islands are far away, peaceful and incredibly beautiful...

Mombasa & the Kenyan Coast

Posted on January 3, 2022 by Keith Simmons
Kenya's 480 km coast is one of the principal attractions for visitors to the nation.Each year, hundreds of thousands of sun lovers find their way here.Many are returning pilgrims who truly know that the sun here is ever faithful.Unlike other beach destinations, the visitor is served with much more than just sun and sand but is delighted to discover ancient coastal forests and historical sites and a people with a fascinating culture and history...

Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa Glows Again

Posted on December 11, 2021 by Keith Simmons
Uganda is a beautiful country with an impressive people.This is one of my favourite countries in all of Africa.The people of Uganda have endured the troubles of 1967-86 period and appeared standing upright and wearing a grin.In that brief period, the country suffered under the caprice of two despicable despots.One was the indisputably insane Idi Amin and the other, the arguably insane Milton Obote...