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Safe Ways to Carry Money to Russia

Posted on January 10, 2024 by Keith Simmons
Generally to stay Russia now could be no less no more threatening than in virtually any European town.But as everywhere tourists ought to know some measures of safety, given that they, generally, have big sums of money using them.Cash.You ought to have cash enough to cover taxi, dinner and a night at a hotel.Even though you mustbe met and taken up to the hotel where you have previously reserved an area! As you might face different circumstances and you also must be prepared to this...

Traveling Alone: A Woman's Guide

Posted on April 13, 2022 by Keith Simmons
The concept of traveling to exotic places alone conjures up pictures of the lonely girl bent over her evening meal with three empty seats around the table.A long "Ohhh! How sad!" usually follows.Luckily, reality is much different than this gloomy image.A woman traveling alone has the benefit of planning her days of museum-hopping and bazaar-shopping without needing to compromise to get a trip to the newly-constructed sports stadium...