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How To Save Money When Travelling

Posted on August 20, 2023 by Keith Simmons
Most of us want a good, relaxing vacation every once in awhile, when possible on a sunny beach in a foreign country.Whenever we finally have the ability to obtain it, we find ourselves met with other issues - in addition to the usual hotel reservations, flight, etc.Once you happen to be a foreign country, you are feeling the necessity to tell everyone back how things are, assure them you're alright and you're having a great time...

Lisbon - The Forgotten Gem of Europe

Posted on May 22, 2022 by Keith Simmons
For most centuries, Lisbon, the administrative centre of Portugal, was thought to be one of the very most magnificent cities in Europe.Using its long history, Moorish influences, stunning location and vast riches from India and Brazil, it was a trading hub for more than 100 years.But a devastating earthquake in 1755, accompanied by fire and a tidal wave, reduced it to ruins and obscurity.Lately, however, Lisbon has begun to come back for some of its former glory...