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The Best Time to Travel to Thailand

Posted on October 9, 2022 by Keith Simmons

There are essentially three seasons in Thailand (though of late the chilly season appears to have gone missing), the seasons are, The Hot, The Wet and The Cold. Cold being a somewhat subjective description, however, the shots of emergency blankets being handed out in the northern states as soon as it drops into a chilly 10 degrees. . .that's 10 degrees Celsius. So what does every season offer.

The Hot

March to June: The hottest month is April when the geckos remain inside and many expats look outside at lunch time and decide not to eat instead of melt the walk into a food stall. The Sexy season is beach season, if that is your thing then this is the opportunity to visit Thailand, ensured sun sun sun all day long day after day. For Trekkers you might find this to be somewhat hot to go trudging up hills unless mounted on an elephant, sun stroke and dehydration are high up on the list of things to beware of. Bangkok turns to a molten vat of contamination as the winds die and the smog just hangs around choking up the oxygen. Hotels are at their most expensive during the hot season and weekends will see lots of the mid range ones completely reserved.

The Wet

July to November: The change over from hot to wet is the worst time to be in Thailand no matter everything you are into. It's Hot, it is moist and the humidity is ruthless. You're going to be desperate to take three showers a day at a minimum. . .living at a shower for a month may not be a bad strategy. If you can imagine living in a sauna for a month then you get the ideal image of Thailand at the beginning of the rainy season. . .unless you are in Bangkok, then get in a sauna and then pipe your car exhaust to the sauna to get the perfect idea. . .hmmm yummy. Then thankfully the heavens open up, the wind blows and things freshen up. Rain is pretty much a guaranteed feature on a daily basis and generally kicks off in the afternoon, sometimes lasting all night, Floods are common along with electricity cuts. So why come to Thailand now. . .the cost.... Resorts are empty, tourists are off, it is a terrific time to visit Thailand with fewer tourists than usual and find the best deals as even the Thai people stay home at the weekends.

The Cold

December to February: Thailand freezes over, snow falls from the skies and ice-skating is the countries most popular game. . .well in case you watched the TV or the Thai people running around dressed in winter coats, boots, gloves and scarves you might begin to think it is true. . In Bangkok it can fall to a bone chilling 15 degrees Celsius during the night, and up north it's on events dropped down to two degrees, the south gets off much lighter and you can escape with a body warmer and a bobble hat. Thailand again is swarming with tourists that have come to take advantage of the cool weather to perform see Thailand without burning . This is the ideal time of the year to really"see" Thailand, you will enjoy seeing the sights and touring the towns and trekking will be at its finest. Again costs will be up and resorts fairly full.

So in a nutshell the best time to visit Thailand is the time that matches what you need to do, Trekkers and Tanners will have different needs, those searching for deals will have different requirements. Simply add that there are occasional down pours in the hottest areas of the year and even the rainy season may be dry for a week or more....but leave your skis at home. . .there will not be any snow....guaranteed.