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Weather on Cozumel Island

Posted on September 3, 2022 by Keith Simmons

It just doesn't get much better compared to the weather on Cozumel. Having an incredible low of only 66 degrees Fahrenheit to a modest most of 93, even the worst of what we'd call "winter" continues to be quite wonderful. Quite often, the temperature hovers round the mid to high eighties and, incredibly, so do the encompassing ocean waters of the island. Lying in the midday, summertime sun, in temperatures around 90 degrees and "cool down" in the ocean waters around 80 to 85 degrees is unimaginable to many travelers.

Usually, the ocean water will be a lot cooler compared to the land temperature - however, not on Cozumel. Some tourists have described the ocean round the island as an enormous bath. With a gentle, shallow coastline extending far out in to the ocean, the ocean temperatures off the beaches have a tendency to complement the land temperatures, allowing tourists to invest as much amount of time in the water as on the sand. The water temperatures are generally at their warmest through the summertime but even through the worst of winters, they only cool off to the mid to high 70's.

The temperatures in Cozumel are in their coolest from October to April exactly like the majority of the mainland. Because of the located area of the island, the temperature never gets too low or too much. There were storms, referred to as Nortes, that may bring the evening temperatures in the wintertime right down to the high 50's but that's only it ever gets. Summertime highs occasionally approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but that is rare. The humidity, however, could make things quite wet. It will rain on the island through the month of June however the winter months are very dry.

Nortes, with pelting rain and high winds, sometimes may cause problems through the winter months, however the storms pass on the island quickly , nor do much damage. A lot of people don't even get right up from their hammocks, but view the winds and rain as a gentle, cooling wash from OUR MOTHER EARTH. There's very little to complain about in Cozumel and overall the elements is nearly always an extra attraction to the island rather than force to be reckoned with. There's minimal bad time to Cozumel and the thing to be studied into consideration when booking your trip may be the increased humidity through the summertime.