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Patagonia - Land of Ice and Fire

Posted on December 10, 2023 by Keith Simmons

Patagonia spans the southern third of Chile and Argentina. It really is essentially the most famous and romanticised region of either country, additionally it is probably the most sparsely populated. This is a land of immense beauty, filled up with turquoise lakes, mountains, volcanoes, fjords, icebergs and native forests.

Northern Patagonia is lush and green, the views of lakes and forested hills against a backdrop of snow-capped volcanoes, is stunningly beautiful and easy on the attention. This changes the further south you go because the environment becomes harsher and assumes a far more rugged beauty, culminating in the ice fields and glaciers of the Torres del Paine and El Calafate national parks. In Parque National Laguna San Rafael towering cliffs of ice break off the San Valentin glacier and crash in to the lake forming icebergs. In the event that you visit a picture of the icebergs it might seem that their bright blue colour were a trick of the lens, nonetheless it is not. It's the consequence of ten thousand years of glacial compression.

Patagonia can be teaming with wildlife, with many endemic species like the Huemul, a little deer this is the national emblem of Chile. Across the coastline you can find penguin and seal colonies and great opportunities for whale watching (May to November).

It really is an outdoors paradise with all nature of activities: horseback treks, rafting, summer skiing, kayaking, walking, climbing, etc. The region can be peppered with hot-springs because of the vigorous geothermal activity, which supply the perfect solution to relax and recover following the rigours of travelling.