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Holiday Escapes to Beautiful Botswana

Posted on February 27, 2024 by Keith Simmons

Botswana is internationally acclaimed because of its supreme and unforced mix of tourism and wildlife. 17% of the united states is proclaimed protected and an additional 20% comprised of wildlife management areas. Using its eclectic mixture of serenely beautiful landscapes plus some of the biggest populations of wildlife species within Africa, Botswana is really a premier holiday destination amongst adventure and eco-tourists. Even though country is abundant with cultural and historical heritage Botswana's main places of interest will be the national parks.

Of the numerous parks and reserves which will make up this magnificent country you can find three definite must sees when going to Botswana.

The Okavango Delta

Undoubtedly probably the most striking region in the united kingdom the Okavango Delta can be found in the Kalahari Desert and is the foremost inland delta system on earth. An all natural wonderland of one thousand islands in one thousand streams, born of an excellent river's determination top meet up with the sea which it never will, as its strengths are captured by the desert sands which surround the delta.

The delta ranks between the finest of wetlands on the planet and from above this is a vast, fan shaped, emerald wilderness of waterways, lakes, lagoons and lush forests. Over 1000 species of plant are available in the delta and the rivers are teeming with fish, 80 species overall which draws many birds to the region, the Delta is actually probably the most celebrated bird watching and angling regions in Africa. The few individuals who actually permanently live listed below are mainly fishermen. Undoubtedly the simplest way to treat this natural wonder is through a mokoro that is a dug-out canoe that manoeuvres swiftly through the waters near impenetrable areas. The waters are superior and crocodiles, hippos and a huge selection of fabulous birds is seen in addition to elephants, zebras and giraffes. The only real area in the Okavango that's protected may be the Moremi National Park; all of those other delta is carved up into giant private concessions, sprinkled with luxury lodges.

The Okavango Delta has three main areas, the Panhandle which a 15km wide fault in the northwest offers superb fishing but less spectacular game viewing; the central permanent swamp, using its maze of pans and water meadows and the arid seasonal swamps south and east. In the months of August to November the Okavango is hot and dry making for magnificent game viewing but low waters which frequently prevent mokoro trips. From December to March the spot is hot and wet prompting game to disappear in to the undergrowth but that is when bird and vegetation reaches its best.

As independent travel is quite difficult in the delta region nearly all visitors reach experience these amazing swamplands with the aid of tour operators who offer package offers to the spot.

The Moremi Wildlife Reserve

Acclaimed because of its sheer beauty and intense selection of wildlife, this park covers 1812 sq km and is situated in the northeast corner of the Okavango Delta. Made up of lush wetlands, forested islands, lagoons, woodlands and grasslands the Moremi Wildlife Reserve offers spectacular game viewing associated with gorgeous landscapes. You can find no artificial borers and human encroachment is kept to the very least, which facilitates game viewing of such excellent nature. A few of the animals it is possible to see are Elephant, Buffalo, Zebra, Kudu, various herds of Buck, Lion, Leopard and Wild Cats. The parks dry months which span from April to October will be the best months for game viewing; additionally it is during this time period that the impressive herds of Elephants converge on the Khwai River.

The park houses over 400 species of bird rendering it among Botswana's prime birding areas. The Pelicans, Ibises, Herons and Storks are just a few of the species which bring gorgeous splashes of colour and sweet melodies to the region. The reserve is among the most beautiful unmarred spots in Botswana and a vacation to its tranquil plains is strongly suggested.

The Chobe National Park

Botswana's common border with Namibia's Caprivi region has been reserve for just one of Africa's premier wildlife conservation parks. The Chobe National Park occupies 10,566 sq km of land and houses a splendid selection of wildlife. The park is made up of rivers, swamps, scrublands, grassy savannah and natural pans.

Probably the most magnificent sights to behold listed below are the elephants who move around in their thousands across the well-worn paths of the Chobe River every afternoon to drink. Boasting the best elephant population on earth (approximately 45,000) is but among the Chobe National Park's drawcards. Additionally, there are large herds of Buffalo, Blue Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Kudu, Impala and Sable as the wetlands are home to impressive amounts of Hippo and Crocodile and also an eclectic selection of birds. The Savuti section of the park marks that which was after the massive super lake which covered the majority of Botswana, its flat dry lakebed is currently a sea of grass that is renowned for spotting Leopard, Cheetahs, Hyena and Lion.

Apart from certain sections, which are closed in the rainy season during November to April, the park is open over summer and winter. The optimum time to visit it really is between May and September when it's possible to see thousands of animals every day. Despite the fact that the Chobe National Park is among Botswana's most developed reserves, most of the roads in your community are just accessible by 4X4 vehicles. Many people to the park opt for package option which include luxury accommodation; safari drives many other guided expeditions.

With the wide variety of activities, accommodation and travel option available in this magnificent country, any occasion in the wilderness parts of Botswana is manufactured easy and accessible for several tourists. Many tour operators offer exceptional package offers which permit you to go through the true essence of Africa.